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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Few More Things

My friend, Bet, sent me a lavender Herban Essentials towelette so I could make a little card for it.  I hadn't seen these towelettes before, but now I'm going to buy a box of them.  BTW, they got great reviews on Amazon.  I have a feeling most of my friends will be getting one of these in a card like the ones I made below.  Thanks, Bet!
 Front (above) and inside (below)

Now, trust me.  These are even cuter in person, and the towelette is WONDERFUL!  I left some blank space on the left side to write a note or sign my name.

***One more thing***
I have a friend who LOVES Hershey chocolate.  People know she loves chocolate and often give her more expensive brands, but Hershey is her favorite.  So, for Valentine's Day I got her a big bar of Hershey chocolate. and made a cover for it. 

The candy slides out the top of the card.

I just got the  Stampin' Up! paper cutter.  Holy cow, it's amazing!  I love it.  If you're in the market for a nice, lightweight paper cutter, this is the one to get.  Trust me :-)

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